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Triple Infinity Cluster Bracelet


Friendship Bracelet w/ CZ

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Triple Infinity cluster bracelet- This is a beautiful bracelet for many reasons. First, because in its cubic zirconite design, it includes infinite symbols that provide a different touch to a classic composition.

In addition, this symbol was a global trend for a long time in the fashion insdustry. In Roya Jewels, we retrieved the value of the infinite symbol of life, which many women always want to carry with them.

Of course, our jewels are always preferred by women who know very well what they want. 

We want to become a fashion reference in New York. We want to stay in your life and always be with you..
Meaning of the infinity symbol in a bracelet
In contrast to other jewels in our stock (such as the Swirl Cluster Bracelet for example) this bracelet has a meaning for most buyers.

Our Triple infinity cluster bracelet is a jewel that symbolizes the valuable, timeless and infinite aspects of life such as:

Being boundless
Connection with your Existence
Your Soul
Being limitless

Since it has a triple infinity symbol it could also mean family (mother, father, son/daughter), or have a spiritual meaning related with the trinity.

While this may be true, Its meaning is totally personal. Each person attributes to it some connotation according to its value, feeling, and purpose.

The triple Infinity cluster bracelet simply works this way.

And taking it from the point of view of fashion, carrying this bracelet with you symbolizes our connection to you. It reaffirms the commitment of Roya Jewels to keep making memorable and classic pieces.

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Why is this Triple Infinity cluster bracelet The perfect gift?
We will dedicate a bit of this entry to men. Often, they don’t know exactly what to give to their significant other. This is the right time to make the perfect gift to your partner.

The Triple infinity cluster bracelet is a chic, elegant jewel, with a lot of brightness and passion. In addition to this, its symbol in the focal point reaffirms the bond and love of romantic couples or strong families.

If you don’t know what to give, we recommend you to choose the Triple infinity cluster bracelet.

Believe us, women love jewels, and we are the experts in this subject.


Rose Gold, White, Yellow


925 Sterling Silver

Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)


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