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Turquoise Howlite Bracelet


Genuine Stone

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Turquoise Howlite Bracelet- Once spring comes, the first thing you think about is relaxing, having a good time and living. Our bracelet is the perfect choice to be with you in those hot sunny days.

Within Royal Jewels’ collection of bracelets, designs variety is evident, especially because we have only a few colored pieces. This makes our Turquoise howlite bracelet even more special to us.

It’s specially designed with 14k gold links. We also integrated seven blue howlite ovals. And, thinking about your safety, it also has a lever lock for your comfort.

We can express many feelings and moods with color. We know that this bracelet is perfect for a spontaneous woman, fun and full of youth in her soul.
Tips for using Roya Jewels’s Turquoise howlite bracelet
The good thing about our Silver Turquoise howlite bracelet is that you can use it with a lot of clothes and accessories. You have the freedom to use them in any way you like.

Here we will give you some tips from in order to use the Turquoise howlite bracelet:

– Dresses: are the best option for summer. Fresh, comfortable, and a lot of fun.

– Jeans: are never an extra in the closet of a spontaneous woman

– Long t-shirts: are a lot of fun, and they are on fashion
Accessories that match the Turquoise howlite bracelet
– Rings: in Roya Jewels, we have a number of accessories you can choose in order to complement the Turquoise howlite bracelet.

– Plain White Chain: It’s our favorite accompaniment, and that’s why we recommend it so much. It matches with everything, and you can wear it on your neck with other chains to make a contrast.

We have pieces for all kinds of women, and that’s our major virtue.





925 Sterling Silver


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