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Evil Eye Heart Bracelet


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Evil Eye Heart Bracelet – Feel powerful, confident, and elegant with our Bracelet. This light blue bracelet has a heart in the middle. Our Evil Eye as the perfect and unique decoration of the jewel.

Moreover, this jewel has something which makes it even more special – its Evil Eye Heart. Thanks to this detail, the bracelet has a protective value against evil energies.

In this case it’s not about wearing a bracelet just because, ‘cause it’s just pretty. It’s that that bracelet represents something to you.
What’s the meaning of the Evil eye bracelet?
Have you ever felt that the people look weirdly at you when you’re shining the most?  Have you felt that someone around you is envious of you?

Well, the popular believe is that “The evil eye” is a curse caused by an envious or malevolent glare. And this happens usually when you’re unaware.

Many people believe that receiving this bad energies could cause some sort of misfortune or injury.  Many models and celebrities wear these Talismans created to protect against the evil eye.

Amulets, Bracelets and Talismans made for this sort of protection can also be called “evil eyes”.

So if you’re always in the spotlight you might want to get one or two of these and the Cubic Zirconia hamsa eye Bracelet, you never know… better safe than sorry!
How to wear the Evil Eye Heart Bracelet
It’s perfect for a casual outfit of a jean jacket with some pants, short and long dresses in colors that highlight our Evil Eye Heart Bracelet.

That’s why our Evil Eye Heart Bracelet comes in light blue, and its value resides in the eye within the heart as an amulet for protection.

In Royal Jewels we know that many determined and young women will love our Evil Eye Heart Bracelet.

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You can look simple and still beautiful. But above all, you can feel confident.


925 Sterling Silver

Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)


Rose Gold, White Rhodium

Beads Color

Black, Mint Green, Pale Blue, Pale Pink, Pearl White, Transparent Champagne, Transparent Rose, White


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