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Leaf Bracelet


Friendship Bracelet w/ CZ

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Leaf Bracelet – We always return to classics because they never go out of fashion. Our bracelet is designed with a zirconite leaf as the focal point of the jewel. In addition, it’s joined by a fine silver chain that can be adapted to any kind of wrist.

This classic brooch, typical of our jewels here at Roya Jewels; it is perfect because it never falls off your wrist and it’s always with you.

In our world, beauty resides in diversity. But more important than that, this piece is about how to appreciate the nature around us.

The beauty of life is also in this piece, in a jewel; in the mix of elegance with nature and in the CZ Circle Bracelet.

The leaf bracelet reminds you where we come from and what is the place we really have to preserve every time you use it. Our bracelet creates a connection with our identity as human beings.
Tips and trends for the Leaf Bracelet
The light and dedicate accessories are trends that have remained in 2017 and will keep dominating in 2018 as the best option in the world of fashion.

The reason for this is that there are many women who are simple but determined. Women who, regardless of their condition, always look radiant.

One of the major benefits of our Leaf bracelet is that it can be used with any kind of outfit, either being something quite casual, as a short and some converse shoes.

Also, you can use it with a dress for a cocktail party, or at a very special occasion, with a dress or an elegant outfit and some high heels.

Another option! Combine it with the other bracelets from Roya Jewels’ collection. Apart from the bracelets, we also offer rings, pendants, and other accessories that act as the perfect complement for our Leaf bracelet.

In New York (where we started this beautiful project), women look for a connection with that nature that doesn’t always surrounds them. And our Leaf bracelet is the best connection.

Feel confident and aware that you’re a living being, and you can express that in a very elegant jewel.


925 Sterling Silver


Rose Gold, White

Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)


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