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Triple Evil Eye Cluster Bracelet


Friendship Bracelet w/ CZ

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Triple evil eye cluster bracelet – is the perfect bracelet to use at any time of the day.

It looks perfect and radiant in the morning while you’re at work or running some errands. Or, otherwise, you can carry it at night in the city or at a party as the white hamsa cluster.

Its design includes three Evil Eyes as focal points of the piece, joined by a bright silver chain. In addition, the pin brooch is the perfect one to lock it.

It integrates the Evil Eye’s Philosophy in its composition, for you to be safe and protected all the time. Its three eyes are perfect to remove all the evil and negative energies around you.

Something characteristic about this design is that it includes the blue color inside the three focal points of the Evil Eye. The reason for this is that that color represents calm and emulates the color of Heaven to transmit peace and serenity.

It’s always good to have more than one option handy when it comes to choosing what jewel you will use. That’s why New York streets are dressed with color and diversity.

In Roya Jewels we stand out, and because of that, we created the Triple evil eye cluster bracelet.

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We are classic, elegant, fashionable, and we represent diversity in your closet.
Triple evil eye cluster bracelet combinations
Here we give you some recommendations for our Triple evil eye cluster bracelet during the day:

– Jeans, white shirt, and low comfortable shoes
– Pants, high heels, blazer
– Short dress and converse

Then, some options for the evening

– Long dress and heels
– Pants, heels, and daring shirt
– Short dress, heels, and a small purse

These are just a few tips from Roya jewels. However, only you can choose how our Triple evil eye cluster bracelet matches best for you.


925 Sterling Silver



Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)


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