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Hamsa Eye Bracelet


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Hamsa Eye Bracelet- Within our collection we have a few pieces dedicated to the Hamsa Eye Philosophy. And one of the best ones is this Bracelet. It is an unique piece in its color, style, and shape.

This bracelet, is often used by spiritual, confident women and works perfectly to break the standards.

Unlike other Roya Jewels’s pieces, the Hamsa Eye bracelet stands out because of its color. In this case, we chose the black color as inspiration for women with character.

It holds a cubic zirconia design especially dedicated to Hamsa’s wisdom and also has a silver Evil Eye.
Minimalist trends
One of the trends that have remained in 2017 is that the ‘rare’ and the uncommon are special for today’s daring women.

Our Hamsa eye bracelet has a strong style defined by its black color. This color is usually related to a sober and elegant woman.
What woman doesn’t have a black dress in her closet?
Under this premise, we think about a jewel that combines a classic color such as black and a life philosophy that goes with it. In this case, the Hamsa eye, more than a belief, is a lifestyle.

The Eye’s hand represents a symbol of protection. The hand itself is good luck and protection, whereas the eye means wisdom. It removes evil, negative energies and envy. It’s perfect for you to feel safe all the time.

In Roya Jewels, we combine safety, elegance and fashion in a unique jewel like our beloved Hamsa eye bracelet.

Perhaps you can notice that within tattoo trends, many bodies carry with them the Hand of Fátima (or Hamsa eye) as an amulet for protection. Carrying it on your skin is having it with you your whole life.

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Roya Jewels offers to you protection, elegance, and character. If you are like this, what are you waiting for to use our unique Hamsa eye bracelet?



925 Sterling Silver

Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

Beads Color



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