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Glittering Hamsa Bracelet


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Glittering Hamsa Bracelet – is a piece that covers your wrist with brightness, silver, and protection. Among the bracelets we offer here at Roya Jewels, this is one of the most elegant, and in this entry will tell you why.

When making this design, we focused on the Hamsa as our jewel’s philosophy.

As its base, it has a sterling silver chain whose focus is the Hand of Hamsa, along with little cubic stones that give it a striking touch.

All this to complete a piece locked with a pin brooch that you can adjust to your wrist. Simultaneously, Its brightness and silver subtly cover the Hand of Fátima
What is the meaning of the Hamsa or Hand of Fátima?
The world is inspiration. In this occasion, behind the design of our beautiful Glittering Hamsa Bracelet, there’s a story that involves passion, love, women, and protection. It’s value is also spiritual.

Surprisingly, There are many legends that involve Mohammed and his wife Fátima as the main figures along with Hamsa. Within the Muslim culture, this hand works as a symbol of protection dedicated to women. It is the palm of a hand wide open, which has an eye in the center.

However, this philosophy is known worldwide. Many other cultures and people from other countries draw on that symbology and adapt it to their lives.
For this reason, we bring you the Glittering Hamsa Bracelet.
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Women today are independent, strong, and entrepreneurial. Roya Jewels’ clients are women who don’t fear to be themselves, without stopping to be elegant and glamorous.

The motto that involves our Glittering Hamsa Bracelet is that good luck wears brightness. In the Philosophy of Fátima, the Hamsa is good luck, virtue, and fidelity.

it’s impossible to be overlooked if you’re wearing our Glittering Hamsa Bracelet.


925 Sterling Silver


Rose Gold, Turquoise, White

Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)


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