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Cubic Zirconia Circle Bracelet


Fancy Diamond Like Jewelry

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Cubic Zirconia Circle Bracelet – Classics never go out of fashion. Our Bracelet is an essential accessory in every elegant woman’s closet. It is made with seven bright ovals that highlight an elegant, high-quality, silver-plated piece.

In Roya Jewels, we think about comfort and elegance. Those are the primary characteristics of our jewels. Have you ever thought you’re missing something to give your outfit a definite touch? Our Cubic Zirconia Circle Bracelet is the solution because it’s perfect for any occasion. 
Why we love the Cubic Zirconia Circle Bracelet ?
The Cubic Zirconia Circle Bracelet shines like the Moon in the night’s dark sky. It is the right one for an occasion with someone special.

Unquestionably, It is one of our most elegant pieces and women’s favorites. It is without a doubt a classic and a first choice in our jewels.
Roya Jewels New York Experiences
Analieth Arocha is a big fan of our delicate accessories, especially the bracelets, which she always wears subtly on her wrist.

For her, a bracelet is essential when it comes to go out. “I consider myself a simple woman. That’s why I love this type of accessories because they look very glamorous for a special occasion. They’re not too extravagant and not too big. I feel really comfortable and very pretty when I wear them. “

Like Analieth, there are many women who draw on this jewel that perfectly matches with our Plain White Chain and with any other kind of accessory from Roya Jewels.

The best thing about the Cubic Zirconia Circle Bracelet is that you can use it alone, without any other jewel with it. Its delicacy, brightness, and circular shapes make it stand out without complements.

Moreover, it has a brooch especially designed for you to be safe all night.

We are specialists in being with you when you need it most. Imagine looking at this beautiful bracelet wrapped in paper. The perfect gift, right?

Roya Jewels is part of your life. We go with you and we make you look delicate and radiant with our Cubic Zirconia Circle Bracelet.

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925 Sterling Silver

Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)


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