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Cubic Zirconia Silver Woven bracelet


Friendship Bracelet w/ CZ

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Cubic Zirconia Silver Woven bracelet-  We present to you our piece. A Bracelet designed with a lace centerpiece. Made of silver and cubic zirconia. Perfect for a daring woman who has no limits and pushes the boundaries.
We praise women and their beauty
That’s why in Roya Jewels we make pieces that go from the most striking like the Swirl Cluster Bracelet – which has its unique design and brightness – to our Woven Bracelet, defined by Roya Jewels and our audience as “the daring jewel”.

This time, its composition was inspired by the simplicity that femininity transmits. Because, we are inspired by women and we bring unique pieces that go with them, without overshadowing them.

In Roya Jewels, our designs have a communicative line made for New York’s women, and it can be described in one word: elegance. Without  this trait, we wouldn’t be us.

That’s how the Silver Woven Bracelet emulates the spirit of our jewel collection. It collects everything that identifies us in one single piece. Elegance, simplicity, delicacy, and above all, a tribute to women.
Tips for using the Cubic Zirconia Silver Woven bracelet
It’s important to note that it fits with any kind of outfit. However, this bracelet, so special in our collection, can be used with:

short and long dresses
converse shoes
high heels

The most fun thing about being a chic woman is that our creativity has no limits when it comes to clothing. Rather be dead than average, right?

If you’re in a hurry and you don’t know what jewel to wear, it’s simple: our beloved and Shiny Woven Bracelet and the Silver Howlite Bracelet will help you to be on time to any place without losing glamour.  Roya Jewel’s pieces will be here for you when you need it most.



925 Sterling Silver


White, Yellow

Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)


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