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Evil Eye Mother of Pearl Tennis Bracelet


Friendship Bracelet w/ CZ

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Evil Eye Mother of Pearl Tennis Bracelet – This bracelet belongs to our Roya Jewels collection, inspired by the eye mother that protects everything.

This piece, considered by New York’s women as one of the most elegant and significant in the Philosophy of the Evil Eye, is decorated with an Evil Eye piece at the very center of the jewel.

Around it, little bright zirconite cubes, joined by a fine silver chain. Also, for your safety, it has a pin brooch that keeps the jewel adjusted to your wrist, which makes it even more comfortable.
What does the Evil Eye Mother of Pearl Tennis Bracelet mean?
Within our collection at Roya Jewels, we believe in life philosophies.

More than fashion, we are a purpose among women. A purpose that revolves around wisdom, comfort, and elegance.

The Evil Eye is very common in Arabic countries. It’s also known as the Turkish Eye. Among Its characteristics there’s the shape of a drop where we find an eye figure. This philosophy conceives this eye as a symbol of protection.

Our Evil Eye Mother of Pearl Tennis Bracelet is a mix ot the Evil Eye’s philosophy and the elegance that characterizes New York’s women. It is widely used as an amulet against negative energies and any other evil entity that may affect our clients.

More than being elegant, being a chic woman is closely related to feeling safe and confident. When you feel invulnerable you project that to the world and to yourself.

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Today’s women do not pretend. They just are.
They feel secure from within, so they exteriorize this with their confidence, their way of walking and facing the circumstances. But, above all, they’re elegant and they use our Evil Eye Mother of Pearl Tennis Bracelet.

Royal Jewels products

We offer pieces of luxury and quality, tailored to our elegance and ambitions.

In our Evil Eye collection, we also find all the jewels for your protection:

– Evil Eye Hamsa Blue Opal Bracelet

– Silver Evil Eye Heart Bracelet

– Evil Eye Mother of Pearl Tennis Bracelet

All of these pieces belong to a collection dedicated to the Philosophy of the Evil Eye, a philosophy that assembles the protection, wisdom, power, and strength that a confident woman must have.

In Roya Jewels, we chose blue as the predominant color in our pieces because it’s the classic color of the Evil Eye. The connotation of this cold color symbolizes water. Its little saturation reflects serenity and wisdom to detect negative energies and absorb positive energies.

Its symbology resides in its sincerity. Thus its blue tone can associated to the heaven, a clean, pure Heaven.



925 Sterling Silver


Rose Gold, White

Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)


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