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Pave Bar Doublé Chain Bracelet


Fancy Diamond Like Jewelry

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Pave Bar Doublé Chain Bracelet- Jewels are women’s best friends. And our bracelet is here to stay in the heart of every woman who has the privilege of having it on their wrist.

Do you think we’re exaggerating? When you try the beautiful Pave bar doublé chain bracelet and the Antique Double Chain Bracelet, you’ll never want to separate from it. It is made with a double silver chain, locked with our lobster brooch, one of the favorites of Royal jewels.

Feel classic and professional in all New York with our Pave bar double chain bracelet.

This piece, rather special within the jewel series at Roya jewels, is perfect to use in a very important occasion of your life.

You can use it in a party, in a very important business meeting, so you can show power and elegance. It’s impossible that our Pave bar doublé chain bracelet is overlooked.

You’ll be the envy of many women, and you’ll catch all men’s looks.

Our Pave bar doublé chain bracelet can be combined with our Plain White Chain – a fine silver chain that looks like the perfect touch for your neck.

Among the tips for using the Pave bar doublé chain bracelet, we suggest that you let it shine for itself. It would be a shame that you use it with another bracelet. In this case, our major advice is that you use it alone. It’ll do the work.

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How to take care of the Pave Bar Doublé Chain Bracelet?
In Roya jewels, we make sure our jewels remain spotless. But we also know that the most important thing is that they stay with you in the moments you need them most.

As your allies, we recommend you to use the Suede Jewerly Pouch. It’s a pouch that protects jewels. Its suede serves like the perfect material to preserve the brightness and life of the jewel.




925 Sterling Silver



Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)


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