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Evil Eye Hamsa Blue Opal Bracelet


Fancy Diamond Like Jewelry

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Evil Eye Hamsa Blue Opal Bracelet – Among our favorite jewels, their color will always be a good option to give our outfit a different touch. This bracelet is a delicate jewel with three pieces of the Evil eye hamsa joined by a fine sterling silver chain.

Locked with a lobster brooch for you to be totally confident that it will never fall off your wrist.

In Roya Jewels we think in authenticity and in ways in which we can combine elegance without being monotonous and boring. A great example of that is the Tassel Necklace.

For this reason, we are daring and within our jewel series we have the option of one Evil eye hamsa blue opal bracelet for the passionate woman.

Roya Jewels’s pieces speak for themselves. We believe that jewels should have a value that goes beyond the fact of being pretty.

In Roya jewels, the aesthetics of our products is not only centered in how they look, but also on their value and what meaning they may achieve.

The collection of the Evil eye hamsa blue opal bracelet stands out not only for being elegant and sophisticated. In its design, there is an underlying philosophy of life for passionate women.

However, If you’re looking for something completely different, check out this model:

Woven sterling silver bracelet.

The meaning of the Evil eye’s Hamsa
The Evil eye’s Hamsa’s philosophy is focused on protection. Our Evil eye hamsa blue opal bracelet represents a blessing.

This piece merges positive energies and assembles them in a good luck, protective amulet. We combine strength, power, and protection in a bracelet which, on top of having elegant traits, goes beyond being a simple jewel.

Unquestionably, we want you to feel as safe as you can on all aspects. We care for women’s aesthetics and their well-being. Blue represents peace, calm, and serenity of those who feel protected.
Trends about the Evil Eye Hamsa Blue Opal Bracelet
Currently, low-value products have been put aside. Instead, now it is necessary to attribute some human meaning to things. This jewel is perfect to combine it with a light outfit and also with an elegant blazer.

Within New York trends, we can find fresh looks, fun, and above all, comfortable. In addition, it’s important to note that more women prefer bracelets that draw upon the Evil Eye Hamsa’s Philosophy.




925 Sterling Silver

Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia (CZ), Opal


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