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Heart Bracelet – Incorporating accessories and jewels with heart on it is a another trend in New York and worldwide. In Roya Jewels, we believe that love heals everything. That’s why we bring you this bracelet.

A heart represents many things. Its symbology is connected to passion and to anything we are capable of giving and doing.

The kind of woman we want to serve with our jewels believes in this philosophy. For this reason, the Heart bracelet cannot be missing in the outfit of a passionate and loving woman.

Its design of faceted sockets, together with a cubic zircon, makes the silver heart stand out and become the center of attention in this Jewel. Its value resides in the attraction that results from being a passionate woman.

Similar to our Sterling Silver Howlite Bracelet, the Heart Bracelet, has a heart that integrates love, passion, and determination, thanks to the solid color around it.
Tips for using the Onix Blue Heart Bracelet
Thanks to its classic design, it’s one of the most used bracelets. It’s easy to put on, and it fits a fresh and comfortable look.

You can use it with some classic jeans and sneakers. Another option is to use it with a dress for the weekend. There are many ways to carry our Heart Bracelet with elegance and simplicity.

The heart symbol also fits the minimalist trends worldwide. Having an accessory that has a heart tells people about your perspective and what do you like as a person.

Your personality is linked to love, and love is the source of energy, that same energy that moves the world.

Roya Jewels is an exciting, elegant brand. We represent the place where the glamour and determination become jewels. We put a lot of passion in what we do.

Our love for jewels is reflected in every bracelet. We are quality and innovation. That’s why we created this Onix Blue Heart Bracelet.

Last but not least, we share a motto that has been very important in the world and will continue to be for a long time: “All we need is love.”



925 Sterling Silver

Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

Beads Color

Onyx Blue


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