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Suede Jewelry Pouch


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Suede Jewelry Pouch – In Royal Jewels, jewel conservation is part of our job as well.

We care about the maintenance of your jewelry and clothes. We care about our clients well-being and peace of mind.

That’s why our collection of accessories includes the Suede Jewerly Pouch. Its soft and dedicate material works as the perfect protection so your accessories. Your jewels must remain intact for a long time so you can carry them wherever you want.

Today’s women are entrepreneurial, daring, beautiful, and in control of their situation. Among these characteristics, having our Suede Jewerly Pouch handy is also included, so you can carry any of our products or your favorite jewels together with Royal Jewels.

In our Suede Jewerly Pouch, you can carry any of our products: either the Hamsa Blue Opal Bracelet, a pendant, or a ring.
Using the Suede Jewelry Pouch to protect your pieces
Caroline Brown loves travelling and enjoying life. Her motto is: “If I take care of my jewels, they will never let me down.”

Kate Peterson, who also is a very careful woman, claims that:  “The secret of a good jewel is the quality with which it is made and how well you take care of them.”

It’s not about using them once and then drop them in a drawer. It’s about keeping it as intact as in the first time

Our Suede Jewelry Pouches from Royal Jewels are made with the best quality. Our maxim is that once you acquire them they should remain with you as much as you want.

One of the benefits of our cases is that they fit perfectly and any purse, drawer, or suitcase for your comfort. Remember that a ring, a letter pendant, a bracelet, or a well-kept chain can save a desperate woman in a hurry.

You can buy it with some of our jewels:

Teardrops Ring.
Key To My Heart Necklace. 


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