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Pear Shaped Micropavé Ear Climbers


Fancy Diamond Like Jewelry

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Pear Shaped Micropavé Ear Climbers – We couldn’t conform to one single pair of Ear Climbers in our gallery’s collection. That’s why we also have these earrings available for you in their delicate silver version, ideal to match any outfit.

These irresistible earrings, molded in esterline silver, have a rhodium plate, an incredible material that guarantees the tone and durability of the pieces through time.

With the distribution of eight pear-shaped cubic zircons, and set along each earring with the delicate Macropavé technique, this accessory will be your ally so you can always shine. Look discreet and sophisticated in every meeting you go to.
How to wear the Pear Shaped Micropavé Ear Climbers
We had already told you that the Ear Climbers are the new trend right now. That’s why we included these Pear Shaped Climbers and the Leaf Branch Ear Climbers Actually, trends such as the boho chic, glam rock, and even the minimalist wave use accessories like these to highlight their outfits and complement their style.

Isn’t it great that with only one pair of earrings you can have so many fashion attainments?

A long, oval, or triangle-shaped face, combined with a pair of Pear Shaped Micropavé Ear Climbers will get a perfect balance with the bright, the earrings’ position, and your face features. Although you don’t have to worry if you think your face doesn’t have these characteristics, because the size of the earrings will help you a lot in the way you choose to wear them in public.

Apart from their classic lock, these earrings have an adjustable hook that adapts to your taste without earlobe complications.

It should also be reassuring to you that while you wear them, you won’t have to worry at all about weather they are still there because apart from being beautiful, they are super safe.

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If your clothing personality is eclectic, avant-garde and subtly daring, then congratulations! You have found the perfect earrings for you. 




925 Sterling Silver

Stone Type

Cubic Zirconia (CZ)


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